Jackson CD 3


Location: CD 3 is primarily located in Ewington and Alba Townships, but also includes sections of West Heron Lake and Rost Townships. The CD 3 mainline drains from Section 34 of Alba Township and combined with Jackson County JD 84 in Section 13 of Alba Township and then outlets north into Okabena Creek. 

Size: The watershed provides drainage to approximately 9,768 acres. 

Project: The CD 3 improvement projectsconsists of cleaning/improving three open ditches, constructing 21 new tile branches, and 19 new tile sub branches.

Estimated cost: $9 million, currently financed with short-term bonding through Bremer Bank

Status: The public bids for construction were received in September of 2019. The construction contracts were awarded. The project was broken into four bid packages. Construction began in the fall of 2019. Approximately 9% of Bid Package #1 and approximately 46% of Bid Package #2 were completed during the fall and winter of 2019. Bid Packages #3 and #4 did not have any construction activity in 2019.

The HLWD was awarded $250,000 per four-year grant period from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect South Heron Lake (SHL) from further degradation using planning tools to determine cost-effective, multi-benefit solutions to reduce the amount of nutrients and sediment entering SHL and to reduce the impacts of flooding. This grant is phased in four four-year periods for a maximum amount of $1 million over 16 years.

The HLWD was also awarded a Clean Water Fund (CWF) grant for $43,000 to install 15 alternative side inlets (ASIs) on CD 3, four ASIs on JD 14, and a 4.2 acre wetland restoration on JD 3.

CD 3 Construction Update.
• Bid Package #1 is nine percent complete. Larson Contracting, Inc. will begin pond work in early March. Almost four miles of ditch cleaning has been complete. They will come back and do tile repairs. The completion date for this bid package is September 30, 2020.
• Bid Package #2 is 43 percent complete. Dirt Merchant, Inc. (DMI) is working now. Discussion was held regarding the granular that is being hauled. ISG has televised tile that has been in the ground for 30 days. At this point, there have not been major areas that need to be addressed. There are some spots that need to be reevaluated.
• ISG is obtaining submittals from the contractor for Bid Package #3. The contractor will begin work in the spring. The completion date for this bid package is December 31, 2020.
• The subcontractor will start boring on Bid Package #4 in the near future. The completion date for this bid package is December 31, 2020.
• The bridges on the gravel roads in Bid Package #5 are complete. The paved roads will be done after the frost is out. The completion date for this bid package is September 30, 2020.

The map below shows construction progress through February 2020.

JacksonCD%203 Progess February 2020