Jackson County JD 14


Location: The JD 14 watershed lies within Sections 15, 16, 21, 22, and 23 in Heron Lake Township.

Proposal: The goal of the JD 14 petition is to improve the main tile as well as some of the tile branches by sizing the proposed tile to provide a drainage coefficient of at least 0.50 inches per day.

Estimated cost: $1.2 million

Status: The petition was accepted and engineer appointed on April 18, 2017. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 25, 2018. Based upon the evidence, the Board found that the proposal, as stated in the petition, is feasible, and there is a necessity for it. Additionally, the Board found that the public benefit is greater than the environmental impact of the drainage project and that the outlet is adequate. The Board directed the engineer to proceed with a detailed survey and appointed viewers.

The HLWD was awarded $250,000 per four-year grant period from the EPA to protect SHL from further degradation using planning tools to determine cost-effective, multi-benefit solutions to reduce the amount of nutrients and sediment entering SHL and to reduce the impacts of flooding. This grant is phased in four four-year periods for a maximum amount of $1 million over 16 years.

The HLWD was also awarded a CWF grant for $43,000 to install 15 ASIs on CD 3, four ASIs on JD 14, and a 4.2 acre wetland restoration on JD 3.

Ron Ringquist, viewer, requested that Jackson County order an updated redetermination of benefits for JD 14 to include ISGs most recent hydraulic information. The Jackson County Board approved this request at their meeting on December 17, 2019. 

The Final Engineering Report for Jackson County JD 14 was submitted on February 18. The final hearing must be held within 25-50 days of the Final Hearing Notice approval. If the Board of Managers of the HLWD approved the Final Hearing Notice at the March meeting, the soonest the hearing could be held would be April 20. Given that most landowners would be involved with spring field work, action on the hearing notice will be delayed until the April meeting, with a final hearing being scheduled in June.