Jackson County JD 19


Location: primarily located in Hunter and Heron Lake Townships. The JD 19 mainline tile begins in Section 12 of Hunter Township and spans across Sections 2, 3, 11, and 12 of Hunter Township and Section 34 of Heron Lake Township where it oulets into an intermittent stream which leads into JacksonCounty JD 3. Other tile branches drain land from Section 34, 35, and 36 of Heron Lake Township; Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, and 12 of Hunter township; and Section 6 of Des Moines Township.

Size: 3,168 acres

Proposal: The entire system is replaced and flow from Branch L in Sections 1 and 12 of Hunter Township would discharge directly into the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wetland on the south side of County State Aid Highway 14. The farmland surrounding the DNR wetland would be protected with berms where necessary.

Status: Final Engineering Report submitted, DNR and BWSR comments received. Final hearing held on September 28, 2017, project approved. Findings and Order were approved at the HLWD meeting on October 24, 2017. The bid was awarded to Svoboda Excavating, Inc. on February 13, 2018. A preconstruction meeting was held on March 22, 2018. Construction began in 2018. 

The HLWD was awarded a Conservation Partners Grant for work within the JD 19 subwatershed. Through this grant, the HLWD will complete a 62-acre wetland enhancement project within the Toe WMA in rural Jackson County, a property used predominantly for public hunting and outdoor recreation. The project’s primary goal is to ensure that the 62-acre wetland complex maintains adequate water levels to support wildlife habitat.

On March 11, 2019, Chuck Brandel sent a letter and revised plans to the windfarm representatives. A conference call to discuss this situation was held on March 21. The windfarm representatives have agreed to pay for the boring costs as described in the memo from ISG. An agreement will be drafted and sent to the windfarm representatives for review and approval.

At the April 23 meeting, the Board of the HLWD approved Change Order #5 and the agreement with LWP Lessees. The signed document was received from ISG on April 24.

On June 26, 80 linear feet of 42" bore was completed on the JD 19 project. The next crossing is anticipated the week of July 15. A map of the proposed crossings for July, August, and September was provided to windfarm representatives and the Board of the HLWD.

Work was done on the assessment worksheet. The document was approved by Kevin Nordquist on July 23.
On November 20, Paul Fishel, Svoboda Excavating contacted Jan Voit. The purpose of the call was to inquire about the status of the change order that was removed from the October pay request. He was informed that the board had not taken action on the change order and that a pay request for November had not been submitted. Following the conversation with Paul Fishel, Chuck Brandel was contacted.

At a special meeting on December, the Board approved a change order for JD 19. It is for additional seeding for grading the areas around the city lot and the pond, substation, wetland, and farm sites. Wet conditions made construction difficult and more land was disturbed than planned. ISG worked with the contractor to remove some of the blanketed areas in exchange for seeding more areas. This removed 2.30 acres of blanket at $7,260 per acre and seeded 14.15 acres at $1500 per acre.