Nobles CD 12


Location: upper watershed of Okabena Creek within the City of Worthington from the intersection of Diagonal Road and Oxford Street at the west end of the city.

Project: A 12.9-acre flood storage basin, referred to as the I-90 Basin, is proposed south of the existing I-90 culvert crossing. Constructing this basin will provide additional flood storage, reduce the ponding elevation at the I-90 embankment, and will reduce upstream flood elevations. This basin would have a total storage volume of 77.2 acre-feet. Construction of the I-90 Basin would need to occur prior to the enlargement of any upstream crossings. The project also proposes enlargement of both the East Oxford and oslo Street crossings. The East Oxford crossing improvement would replace an existing eight foot by ten foot box culvert with a ten foot by fourteen foot box culvert. The larger box culvert would accommodate increased discharge and reduce upstream peak water surface elevations and reduce flood elevations between Oxford and McMillan streets. The East Oxford culver enlargement would need to occur prior to the Oslo Street improvement. The Oslo Street corssing improvement would replace an existing 84" pipe with a ten by ten foot box culvert. This increase in capacity will reduce upstream flooding.

Project costs: Funding for this project was secured through a FEMA grant and local cost-share through the City of Worthington. No assessments were made to property owners on the system.

Status: Hearing held March 30, 2017. Subject to the requirement that the petitioner shall obtain all required permits and all necessary rights-of-way and flowage easements from owners of land affected by the project, the Board authorized the project and issued its order in accordance with M.S. 103E.227, Subd. 5. The order was issued on April 25, 2017. The HLWD approved the permit application for erosion control during and after construction at the meeting on April 17, 2018. Construction began in 2018.