* Alternative Tile Intake Cost-share Program Continuation




Project goal: The goal of this project is to reduce sediment and phosphorus amounts entering open tile intakes by replacement with subsurface intakes. This grant provides 75% cost-share not to exceed $300.00 per intake; requests for greater than $300.00 would be approved by the HLWD or respective SWCD board on a case by case basis. Alternative tile intakes have been shown to reduce sediment and phosphorus delivery up to 50% as compared to an open tile intake.

  • Funded through the Clean Water Partnership grant program administered by the MPCA
  • Timeframe – September 6, 2010 to June 30, 2013
  • Grant funds - $36,000.00
  • Inkind match (HLWD and partners) - $46,800.00
  • Total project cost - $82,800.00


Rock Inlet Survey
In the spring of 2010, HLWD conducted a mail survey with the participants of the rock inlet program. These surveys were an excellent way for watershed residents to provide feedback about rock inlet installation, performance in various field conditions, and the level of satisfaction with the practice and the program requirements. HLWD was pleased to have a 85% response rate with the producers giving many positive comments about the rock inlet program. To view the rock inlet survey results, please click here.