* WFDMR TMDL Implementation Project


Overall Goal: To enhance partnerships between Murray, Nobles, Jackson, and Cottonwood Counties and the HLWD through the continued employment of a watershed coordinator to assist with obtaining current feedlot information through onsite inspections and project promotion.

Project Goal 1: Conduct an intensive, onsite inventory and inspection of eighty percent of the feedlots in the watershed through a strong partnership with four counties and the HLWD.

Project Goal 2: Increase the knowledge of 50 feedlot operators through a one-day workshop.

Project Goal 3: Increase public awareness of the WFDMR TMDL Project through the development of a brochure and website.

Project Goal 4: Coordination of project updates and direction through semi-annual meetings with the Advisory Committee and Technical Committee.

  • Funded through the Environmental Protection Agency Section 319 grant program administered by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Timeframe – October 1, 2011 to August 31, 2015
  • Grant funds - $190,298.00
  • Inkind match (HLWD and partners) - $163,975.00
  • Total project cost - $354,273.00

Semi-Annual Meetings

Semi-Annual Meeting Summary July 2015

Semi-Annual Meeting Summary December 2014

Semi-Annual Meeting Summary June 2014

Semi-Annual Meeting Summary December 2013

Semi-Annual Meeting Summary May 2013

Semi-Annual Meeting Summary October 2012

Semi-Annual Meeting Summary May 2012

Producer Mailing

The Nobles, Jackson, Murray, and Cottonwood County Feedlot Officers identified a need for distributing education materials to feedlot operators. A targeted mailing containing information about manure application, manure management plans, and manure testing was completed in February 2015. The information that was distributed is also available at the links below.

Land Application of Manure - Minimum State Requirements

Manure Application Sticker

Manure Stockpiling - Technical Guidelines

Manure Records 100-299 AUs

Manure Records 300+ AUs

Nutrient & Manure Management Table

Options for Improving Open Lot Runoff Problems

State Cost-Share Program Fact Sheet

WFDMR TMDL Implementation Project Brochure - Revised

Level III Inventory Results

A newsletter containing some of the Level III Feedlot Inventory results was mailed to feedlot owners and operators in August of 2015.

TMDL Implementation Project Level III Inventory Results Newsletter

TMDL Implementation Project Level III Inventory Results